Company Profile

With the development of industry, science and technology as well as deterioration of environment, more and more people have been realizing the importance of developing modern science on agriculture. By naturally unleashing the power of plants, enhance the genetic potential, lower dependence on pesticides, rational fertilization, improve highly efficient mode of agricultural production to become the new trend of agriculture.

AG (Shanghai) Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd was founded in Aug.,2008. We cooperate with leading authority on plat nutrition, Stoller Group, using advanced US technology and formula, combined with the high quality resources from China, produce the most competitive and high quality products. Our main products: micronutrient granule fertilizer, plant growth regulator (PGR) and chemical raw material. Our products have been sold to more than 50 countries all over the world.

AG (Shanghai) Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd are willing to establish cooperation with agrochemical counterparts to seek develop together for serving the global agriculture.